About Me

Thanks for visiting portableMIGWelders.com. My name is Randy and I am a self-taught welder. As a former stock-car racer and car builder, learning to use a Portable MIG Welder was a necessity. Not only to build my racecars but to fix them after a violent crash. When operating on a shoestring budget every racer needs to learn how to do their own welding.

Believe it or not, our first chassis was welded together with a homemade welding machine that one of our sponsors built. He was an electrical engineer who built a stick-welder as a class project when he was in school. It actually worked pretty good! The only problem, as with all stick welding, was the time wasted chipping off the flux and reloading the gun with a new welding rod.

Enter the new era of MIG welding. We eventually upgraded to a small portable MIG Welder. Wow, what a difference a Portable MIG Welder can make in the fabrication shop. They are much easier to use, the quality of the welds is far better, and it saves a ton of valuable time.

So needless to say, I have gained some knowledge about welders along the way. Through trial and error and a ton of research I have found the best solution for my race shop and will share my thoughts on portable MIG welder features and various manufacturers.

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