Eastwood MIG Welder

This is a great little starter package that is priced right for a hobby welder. While the 135 AMP Eastwood MIG Welder is not designed for any serious welding; it is a great tool to have kicking around in the garage. You can use it to tack things together or for minor repairs on brackets or exhaust pipes. It’s pretty easy to set up, which is a bonus for a beginner welder.

The 135 AMP Eastwood MIG Welder stacks up pretty good when you compare it to the low-end Harbor Freight brand. It runs much quieter, smoother, and longer for that matter. The duty cycle isn’t great, but it is much better than the Harbor Freight MIG Welders. It does have an adjustable control that is easy to use, so you can dial it in based on the thickness of material you plan to weld. The handy user guide will get you started in a hurry and help you understand the basics of MIG Welding.

Features and Specs of the 135 AMP Eastwood MIG Welder

Input Power:110 Volts AC
Output Power: 135 AMPs
Dimensions: 24.4” x 13.3” x 17.2”
Wire Size: 0.025” & 0.030”

The Downside of the 135 AMP Eastwood MIG Welder

While this machine is okay for the price. It really doesn’t come anywhere close to the quality of the high-end brands of MIG Welders like Miller, Lincoln, and Forney. I have also heard quite a few complaints about the quality of the Eastwood MIG Welder brand. Some folks are very pleased with the machine while others have had annoying problems like a bad electrical board. It seems like the you need to go through the machine and tighten everything up before you get started welding. Otherwise you may be halfway through your first bead of weld and find that the spool has fallen off or the MIG Gun has become disconnected from the machine. Regardless, the Eastwood brand is still a vast improvement over the el-cheapo Harbor Freight Specials!

The Verdict

The 135 AMP Eastwood MIG Welder is a decent little machine for a novice. It is priced right too. The good news is the machine comes with a three-year warranty. The bad news is you will more than likely need it.