Hobart Handler 190 Spoolrunner

The Hobart Handler 190 Spoolrunner is a high-end portable MIG welder that comes complete with a 150 AMP Spool Gun. With an extra-long 10 FT Lead and 10 FT Ground Clamp the machine is convenient to use. The Spool Gun is also a full 10 FT long so you can reach those hard-to-get places on a wide trailer frame or if you need to reach end to end on a race car chassis.

With an operating range of 25 AMPs to 190 AMPS you can weld both 24-gauge sheet metal and heavy steel plate that is up to 5/16” thick with full penetration. Unlike the entry level 115 volt machines, this 230-volt workhorse can truly attain full penetration on 5/16” plate. With 7 output voltage settings you can dial in the machine to achieve a professional weld on any thickness from 24 gauge to 5/16”. With this kind of versatility, you can work on home projects, heavy duty farm equipment repairs, and you will feel good about your repair.

Quickly swap out the standard gun and connect the Spoolrunner Spool Gun to your machine and you are ready to take on aluminum repairs. The Hobart Handler 190 Spoolrunner can efficiently weld aluminum plate and sheet metal ranging from 16 gauge to 3/16” in thickness with no trouble at all. If you need to weld thicker aluminum you can always grind a V-Groove in the mating plates and then run a double pass to ensure full penetration if strength of the weld is a concern.

Features and Benefits of the Hobart Handler190 Spoolrunner

This is a high-output machine that is suitable for heavy-duty repairs. With a relatively strong duty cycle of 30 percent at 130 AMPs; you can complete the average project without worrying about tripping out the machine.
Input Power: 230 VOLT
Output Power: 190 AMPs
Operating Range: 25 AMPs to 190 AMPs
Duty Cycle: 30 percent at 130 AMPs
Wire Size: the dual groove rollers can run both 0.030” wire diameter and 0.035” wire diameter

The Downside of the Hobart Handler 190 Spoolrunner

The only negative thing I can think of is that you can’t plug this machine into a standard 115-volt wall outlet. You need to install a 230-volt receptacle in your shop or garage before you can start welding. The receptacle is a 50 AMP plug which is a little different than your standard 230-volt dryer outlet. That said, it is well worth the extra effort to install a new electrical outlet so you can take advantage of the extra power of this machine.

You will also need to procure a gas bottle from your local welding supply house. You will need Argon/C02 mix for welding mild steel and pure argon gas when welding aluminum parts.

It appears that there are additional considerations after all, the dual groove rollers are a good thing and you can run 0.030 wire and 0.035 wire. But if you need to run the tiny 0.024’ wire for some fine detailed work; you will need to source a spare roller sized for the 0.024” diameter wire.

The Verdict

The Hobart Handler 190 Spoolrunner is a very versatile machine with a wide operating range. It is a great tool for some serious welding, and with a steady and consistent wire-feed speed you can count on arc stability and a great looking weld. While the price is higher than the entry level machines, you need to consider that it also includes a Spool Gun which could be up to $300 on its own.