Eastwood 175 AMP MIG Welder

Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious fabricator the Eastwood 175 AMP MIG Welder can get the job done for you. The team of engineers at Eastwood have dedicated substantial research and development into this machine. The result is a 220 Volt 175 AMP MIG Welder that matches the performance of much more expensive machines. The precision controls produce consistent amperage and output voltage, resulting in a professional weld every time. With such finite control, you can easily weld ultra-thin, 24-gauge body panels for a beautiful result on your automotive restoration work.

When welding thicker parts, the infinite adjustment on the wire feed speed ensures that you can keep the weld puddle full at all times. The robust drive roll mechanism provides flawless wire feed. You won’t need to worry about wire slipping affecting the quality of your welds.

Even a novice can weld flawlessly with this machine. The trick to a perfect weld is setting the machine to the proper parameters. The Eastwood 175 AMP MIG Welder comes with a detailed “Quick Set” welding chart to get you started. Simply match the settings to the metal thickness you are working with and all the guesswork disappears. You can count on the perfect penetration each and every time.

Features & Specs of the Eastwood 175 AMP MIG Welder

The Eastwood 175 comes with everything you need to start welding right away. The only thing you need to provide is a CO2/Argon gas cylinder. The package includes a Spool Gun with a 9 FT cable, a gas regulator, hose, starter spool, and an 8 FT heavy-duty, grounding cable.

Input Power: 220 VOLT AC
Output Power: 175 AMPs
Operating Range: 30 AMPs to 175 AMPs
Duty Cycle: 30% at 130 AMPs
Wire Feed Rates: 4.9 feet per minute to 39.3 feet per minute with infinite adjustment
Wire Size:0.030” Steel MIG Wire & 0.030” Aluminum Wire
Spool Size: The spool gun works with 2 LB wire spools only
Dimensions: 27in x 13.9in x 17.8in

The Downside

The unit comes with a heavy duty 50 AMP 220 Volt plug, you will need to install a mating receptacle in your garage.

The Verdict

The Eastwood 175 AMP MIG Welder is a high-end portable MIG welder with an entry level price tag. Since it is a 220 VOLT machine with a 175 AMP capacity, you can easily weld ¼” steel plate and get full penetration. If you plan to do any aluminum welding, the spool gun is the ticket to success. Welding aluminum is tricky but this machine is man enough for the task.