Campbell Hausfeld WF2150

The Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Flux Core portable MIG Welder is one of the best choices for outdoor welding on the farm or when welding outside in your driveway. One of the advantages of using a flux core welder vs using a shielding gas, is that you don’t need to worry about the wind blowing away the gas. A flux core machine is far less susceptible to the effects of the wind.

If you struggled striking an arc in shop class at school, you will truly appreciate the transition from a stick machine to a portable MIG Machine like the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150. What a difference it is to weld with a MIG. It’s so much easier than welding with a traditional stick machine, or buzz box as they are commonly referred to. Even a novice welder can lay down a pretty decent bead the first day of practicing with a portable MIG machine.

According to the manufacturer, the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 is capable of welding steel plate up to 3/16” thick. While this is true in theory, I would limit its capability to about 1/8” thick or 12-gauge steel for a full penetration weld. Unless of course you are a seasoned welder then you can take advantage of the full capability of the machine.

Features & Specs of the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150

The WF2150 features 4 heat settings so you can dial in the machine to suit the specific metal thickness that you are welding. With an independent drive deck transformer, you can count on consistent wire speed for a more uniform weld.

Input Power: 115 Volts / 20 AMP Circuit
Output Power: 70 AMPs DC
Duty Cycle: 20% at 70 AMPs
Wire Size: 0.030” diameter & 0.035” diameter
Spool Size: 4” diameter & 8” diameter

The Down Side of the Cambell Hausfeld WF2150

Like many of these entry-level MIG Welders, the ground clamp is a little cheesy. You can easily remedy this by buying a better clamp from your local welding supply house to retrofit your machine.
It also has a relatively short duty cycle of just 20% at 70 AMPS. While it’s certainly not a production machine it would be a great tool to keep in the garage for minor repairs.

The Verdict

Overall, it’s a pretty decent machine for small projects around the house, and it’s priced right. So if you’re simply looking to repair thin metal parts in your garage, it will be just fine. The Campbell Hausfeld brand is known for its 5 year warranty.