Stanley MIKROMIG Portable Welder

The Stanley MIKROMIG Portable Welder is a compact little machine that has the well-known Stanley name behind it. With an operating range of 30 Amps to 85 Amps the MIKROMIG can handle mild steel welding from 5/64” thick to 13/64” thick. This versatility ensures that your new welder can handle a large variety of projects around the house.

Since it is a flux-cored machine you will never need to worry about gas. The machine can handle both 0.030” diameter flux core wire and 0.040” diameter flux core wire. The package comes with a starter spool of flux core wire so you will be off and running as soon as the welder arrives in the mail. Simply plug it into any standard 120-volt household receptacle and you will be welding in minutes. Loading the wire is a snap. Simply raise the top cover to access the wire spool and drive system.

Features and Benefits of the Stanley MIKROMIG Portable Welder

One of the more impressive features of the Stanley MIKROMIG Portable Welder is the Turbo Cooling system. It is also equipped with an automatic shut off which will eliminate the chance of overheating the welder and preventing any damage to the unit.

Input Power: 120 Volt
Output Power: 35 Amp to 80 Amp output range
Dimensions: 14.4” x 5.5” x 14.2”
Weight: 30 LBs
Wire Size: 0.030” diameter to 0.040” diameter

The Downside of the Stanley MIKROMIG Portable Welder

While the machine itself is an excellent starter welder that is perfectly suited for your garage or small shop, I am not impressed with the face shield. Yes, it’s nice that the package includes a face shield so you can use it right away. However; I would spend a few extra bucks and purchase a auto-darkening welding hood.

Another minor problem is that the instruction booklet is a little vague. Not to worry, you can check out our handy-dandy article on learning to weld. There are a few good tips here for somebody who is just getting started and has never used a MIG welder before. (LINK)

The Verdict

I like the fact that the Stanley MIKROMIG Portable Welder is delivered with everything you need to get started. It comes complete with welding cables, a starter spool of wire, the welding torch handle, and a ground clamp. The package even includes a chipper hammer and face shield.

Since it is a 120-volt welder you can use it in the field with just about any 120-volt generator. With a capital “P” in portable, this unit is small enough to stow in any job-box.