LOTOS Portable MIG 140

The LOTOS Portable MIG 140 AMP wire welder by LOTOS Technology is a multipurpose flux-core machine that can also be used with gas. With this flexibility you can weld stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Of course you will need to use a spool gun when welding aluminum.

With an output rating of 140 AMPs the LOTOS Portable MIG 140 is capable of welding up to ¼” thick steel plate. You can also dial it back for sheet metal applications as thin as 24 gauge. The machine is equipped with an internal thermal overload protection system which will help to protect your investment.

Since this is a 110 Volt machine you can plug it into any standard wall receptacle and start welding the day the welder arrives. Make sure you are using a circuit with a 20-amp breaker. You may find that a 15-amp breaker will trip when welding thicker metal.

Features & Specs of the LOTOS Portable MIG 140 AMP Welder

The LOTOS Portable MIG 140 package comes complete with a MIG Torch, a heavy duty grounding cable, shielding gas hose and gas regulator, a welding mask, and starter wire. The latest rendition of this model has a few upgrades including improvements to the aluminum wire feeder and a newly designed Argon flow meter.

Input Power: 110 VOLT
Output Power: 140 AMPs
Dimensions: 9.6 in x 14.5 in x 16 in
Weight: 54 LBs
Wire Size: 0.025” & 0.030” solid wire / 0.030” & 0.035” Flux Core Wire
Spool Diameter: handles both 4” and 8” diameter industrial wire spools

The Downside of the LOTOS Portable MIG 140 AMP Welder

While the unit itself is pretty decent, the manual is not the greatest, it seems to skip over the nuances of welding with Flux Core wire. But if you know anything at all about welding you will be just fine. The only other issue is that the spare parts and consumables are not interchangeable with other brands. You will need to use the LOTOS tips and rollers.

The Verdict

Weighing in at just 54 LBs the LOTOS Portable MIG 140 is truly a portable machine that you can hand carry to the worksite. One of the coolest things about this machine is that you can run both solid steel wire and Flux-Core Wire. This versatility is not often found in a machine in this price range. Let’s call it a bargain, for an industrial quality welder with superb performance for a welder in the under $500 price range. Not bad at all for someone who wants to tinker around the house.