Campbell Hausfeld WG3090

The Campbell Hausfeld WG3090 Pro 120 Volt 140 MIG Welder is perfect for small welding and fabrication projects at home in your garage. The machine features 5 heat settings so you can dial in the welder based on the metal thickness of your project. The WG3090 has a wide operating range of 25 AMPs to 140 AMPS. This means you can weld 24-gauge sheet metal to ¼” thick mild steel plate, and everything in between. The handy chart printed on the side of the machine will guide you to the perfect settings for your project, based on metal thickness.

The welder is equipped with an extra-large capacitor which results in a smoother arc, and less welding spatter. This will come in handy when welding aluminum. The professional grade, cold torch, complete with a trigger activated arc, leads to precision weld placement. Even a novice welder can hit is mark with this welder.

The heavy duty feed system combined with a professional grade torch make this portable welder standout when compared to similar machines in the same price range. In fact; everything about this machine seems to be heavy duty. Some cheaper machines have plastic drive mechanisms, whereas the Campbell Hausfeld WG3090 has an all metal drive mechanism. It also has a thick metal case to stand up to the rigors of you shop.

The Campbell Hausfeld WG3090 package comes complete with dual gauges, a starter roll of flux-core wire, a heavy duty ground clamp with 10 FT cable, a 10 FT torch, and 2 easy connect tips. The dual gauge regulator allows the operator to monitor both the tank pressure and the flow rate.

Features and Benefits of the Campbell Hausfeld WG3090

Input Power: 120 Volt
Output Power: 140 Amps Maximum | 25 Amps Minimum
Duty Cycle: 20% at 90 AMPs
Capability: Welding range from 24 Gauge to ¼” thick
Dimensions: 20.5” x 10.5” x 12”
Weight: 71 LBs
Wire Size: 0.030” diameter

The Downside of the Campbell Hausfeld WG3090 Portable MIG

The duty cycle of this machine is a little low. It is rated at 20% when running at 90 AMPs. The Campbell Hausfeld brand is no match for high-end machines such as Lincoln and Miller, but you do get a lot for the money.

The Verdict

The Campbell Hausfeld WG3090 portable MIG is a pretty decent machine for the price. With an all-metal drive mechanism and thick steel case, this welder fits into the heavy duty category. The machine is equipped with thermal overload protection which will automatically shut of the welder to avoid overheating and subsequent damage.